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Rome Returns

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Rome Returns
This is an Age of empires 1 replica mod with AoC features.
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Technical informations

Technical informations

Version log
Current version 1.2:1.2 - New features:1.2 - Added Ai for computer by
kThuN_! Not just plays, but fair challenge even for good players! (more info)1.2 - All AoE + RoR + Demo Campaigns with total 64 maps! (more info)1.2 - Changed hotkeys to AoE2!1.2 - New background in game room, now black texts are eaiser to read.1.2 - Players starts with Scout in random maps.1.2 - After Wheel is researched, in Iron age Trade Cart is create-able! (requested by several person)1.2 - Reaching Bronze Age allows to build TC (no need anymore Government Center for it)1.2 - General fixes:1.2 - Regicide working again (with some new elements) (reported by Gestaltzerfall)1.2 - Nomad works too, also TC rebuilding is fixed (reported by Gestaltzerfall)1.2 - Villager's size radius is 0.2 instead of 0.25 (won't get stucked that common)1.2 - Trade boat/Merchant ship's graphics and workrate fixed1.2 - Trade boat/Merchant ship now can directly send to Dock1.2 - Fishing Ship no longer turns back to the old texture after upgraded. (reported by CrimsonCaravan)1.2 - Fishing Ship fish searching is fixed.1.2 - Woodcutter no longer gather wood from Shore fish. (reported by Pak_Fortay)1.2 - Large ships (Trireme and Catapult Trireme) now sink 20% faster when killed.1.2 - Fire Galley sinking graphics fixed. Had the sinking graphics of a small ship (same as Fishing Boat).1.2 - "Fortification" renamed to "Fortified Wall"1.2 - Walls no longer should be open in Arena maps.1.2 - Logistics tooltip fixed.1.2 - Technologies no longer counted twice in statistics.1.2 - Buildings no longer makes AoE2's foundation.1.2 - Rubble from destroyed walls now disappears after some time and don't have LoS.1.2 - Tree stumps from dead trees now disappear after a while.1.2 - Dock ruins no longer produce repeated burning fire sound, also fixed destruction graphics.1.2 - Elephant King attack graphics fixed (previously it had none).1.2 - Sentry Tower's flame position fixed1.2 - The "how do you turn this on" cheat code will spawn the "bigdaddy" car instead of COBRA1.2 - Userpatch Balance changes:1.2 - Food in fish is proportional to size (Shore fish has less food, Whales have more).1.2 - Gazelles have 180 Food (had 150).1.2 - Hunters work 15% faster than before (were as slow as Foragers, which made them less useful).1.2 - Farm upgrades give you +75/+100/+125 Food (instead of +75/+75/+75).1.2 - Farmers workrate increased by 10%1.2 - Gold mines to 480 Gold in each piece (was 400) = 20% more gold.1.2 - Stone mines to 300 Stone in each piece (was 250) = 20% more stone.1.2 - Ballista/Stone Thrower (and their ups) no longer receive their Alchemy bonus twice1.2 - War Elephant: fixed missing attack bonus vs. buildings.1.2 - Siegecraft: Bonus attack of villagers against walls and towers is now reduced.1.2 - Jihad: villager carry capacity penalty reduced, but bonus movement speed too.1.2 - Broad swordsmen have +10 HP, Long Swordsmen have +20 HP.1.2 - Heavy Cavalry +1 melee armor.1.2 - Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry and Cataphract cost -5 Gold: 70F, 75G (was 70F, 80G)1.2 - Camel Riders now have attack bonus (+4) vs. all elephants (same bonus as vs. chariots).1.2 - Cataphract now stronger (+20 HP, +1 melee armor/pierce armor); upgrade cost reduced.1.2 - Horse Archer and Heavy Horse Archer have only 1 pierce armor (had 2).1.2 - Slingers have higher bonus attack vs mounted archers (bonus vs foot archers unchanged).1.2 - Slinger and Elephant Archer LOS fixed (had too small LOS for their range).1.2 - Medicine: Priest heals 2x faster (was 3x).1.2 - Civilization changes:1.2 - All civ able to research Wheel (for Trade Cart)1.2 - Assyrian: Elephant Archers are now affected by their archer bonus1.2 - Babylonians: Get Metallurgy1.2 - Hittite: Fixed Ship bonus range (reported by Tegla)1.2 - Huns: Starts with -80 wood, lost Cataphract and horse mov. bonus reduced from 20% to 15%1.2 - Koreans: Get religion bonus (Monk +1/1 armor)1.2 - Minoan: Composite bowmen range bonus is fixed1.2 - Palmyrans: Start the game with +100 Food (villagers cost 75 F), also work 25% faster (not 20%)1.2 - Persians: Get Artisanship1.2 - Shang: Get Ballistics1.2 - Sumerians: Get Craftsmanship1.1 - Fixed random crash at loading screen by adding 2 new civilization!1.1 - Techtree fully reworked! (still not perfect, but can't really do much more without .exe editing)1.1 - Fixed some random map's script (reported by RazgrizOne)1.1 - The mod is including Advanced Statistics too1.1 - Free carto like the Allied Vision and EEA mod!1.1 - Added more aoe1 interface elements1.1 - All civilization got new theme music1.1 - Fixed new ambient sounds1.1 - Building icons and graphics now shows correctly the used civilization1.1 - Building icons are placed like in aoe11.1 - Villagers after built Storage Pit will automatic go for nearest resources1.1 - Storage Pit now buildable on hills (reported by Shark_Slayer)1.1 - Villagers got bigger LoS and Search Radius (suggested by tegla)1.1 - Villagers can garrison into TC and towers (suggested by tegla)1.1 - Houses and TC supports 5 pop instead of 4 (suggested by Shark_Slayer)1.1 - Small wall is available from Stone ag
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