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RealmsLogo_zpsrzs9oulo.pngFull Credits [You must login to view link][You must login to view link]This mod should be played on UserPatch 1.5If your Conquerors hotkey are not automatically applied to Realms, copy player.nfz from your Age of Empires II folder to the Realms directory-videoIf you want to use your WololoKingdoms hotkeys, copy the player.nfz and player#.hki files from WololoKingdoms to Realms.For technical reasons, not all the content for Realms mod could be included and has been folded into a separate local mod. Downloading this mod in addition to Realms is recommended, but should not be required for playing the standard random maps.
Age of Kings: Realms is a project to consider more of the medieval world. Built on Forgotten Empires, it brings the total number of civilizations to 42:·Armenians- From Yerevan to Cilicia, defend your lands from a multitude of foes.·Balts- Form a mighty commonwealth to subdue the encroaching crusader.·Bamars- Command the rise of Pagan, Ava, Hanthawaddy, or Taungoo.·Bohemians- Forge an invincible army powered by innovative tactics and the fervor of your people.·Bulgars- Carve out a domain under the hooves of your armored cavalry.·Burgundians- Raise a varied army from Europe's finest mercenaries.·Chimus- Challenge the Inca for supremacy of the Andes.·[You must login to view link]- Control the land and the sea in the struggle for South India.·Dutch- Protect your economic interests with powerful militia armies.·Helvetians- Revive the discipline of the phalanx in battles once ruled by mounted knights.·Jurchens- Contend with the Han, Khitai, and Mongols for a Golden Dynasty.·Khmers- Dominate Southeast Asia with vast armies, cultural strength, and mastery of war elephants.·Malays- Establish a grand thalassocratic state across the islands of the Southeast.·Mandinkas- Build an empire upon gold and salt.·Moors- Strive with foes all across the Mediterranean.·Muisca- Lead the armies of the Zipa or the Zaque to victory.·Tufans- Descend from the Himalayas to forge an enduring empire.·[You must login to view link]- Rule Khanates from Anatolia to Manchuria.·Viets- Drive out would-be conquerors with relentless guerrilla tactics and subterfuge.Civilization Bonuses can be seen on the mod's [You must login to view link] [You must login to view link][You must login to view link]
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